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Beautiful Campus

campus001 campus002
Entrance to Guoguang Laboratory School, NSYSU Zhong-Xiao Building
campus003 campus004
Jen-Ai Building Si-Wei Building
campus005 campus006
Ba-De Hall(front) Ba-De Hall(back)
campus007 campus008
Ju-Min Building(Laboratory) Saman Square
campus009 campus010
Kong-Tao Building(Music Hall) Bird’s-eye View from Kong-Tao Building (Music Hall)
campus011 campus012
Stadium Guoguang Hall(Administration Building)
campus013 campus014
Xin-Yi Building Her-Pin Building
campus015 campus016
Azalea in the Front Yard of Zhong-Xiao Building Beautiful Flower Beds in front of the Stadium
campus017 campus018
Avenue of Chinese Hibiscus (in full bloom) Spreading Canopies of Mahogany Trees (Orchid Pathway)
campus019 campus020
Atrium Flower Gallery (Orange trumpet vine) Cottonrose Hibiscus (Colour changes three times a day)
campus021 campus022
Athletic Field (400-metre PU running track) Large Football Pitch (Flag-raising Platform)
campus023 campus024
Lush Flowers and Trees Campus Ablaze with Blooming Flowers
campus025 campus026
Yu Kwang-Chung Poetry Garden Yu Kwang-Chung Poetry Garden
campus027 campus028
Yu Kwang-Chung Poetry Wall Porch of Ba-De Hall (6F) Yu Kwang-Chung Poetry Garden
campus029 campus030
Saman Square Campus Dotted with Blooming Bougainvilleas