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Learning Resources




In addition to a rich variety of multimedia resources, our library houses a collection of over 50,000 books and more than 50 kinds of periodicals and magazines.

The collections of the library include various themes and subjects. They broaden students’ horizons and satisfy different learning needs of every individual.


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NSYSU Resources


Students participate in activities and experiments of art and science of NSYSU, which provides rich teaching resources to our school.



University Alliance


We collaborate and communicate with leading universities, share teaching and research resources to cultivate students’individual talents so as to strengthen our school’s competitiveness.



Subject Disquisition


We give guidance to students with various research methods. Students can learn widely and develop a variety of essential competencies through literature reading, experiment designs, data analyses, report writing, and onstage presentations.



Adaptive and Diversified Curriculum


The Adaptive and Diversified Curriculum is designed in light of students’individual differences. It provides students with diverse courses such as foreign language acquisition, science, technology, maths, physical education, fine arts, life education, etc.





Multiple resources are pooled to assist underprivileged students, namely, to those who are physically and mentally challenged, those in dire straits, those from low-income families or encountering emergent circumstances. We ensure their rights to education. This is also our pledge of education.